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Tailored financial solutions designed exclusively for the global market, prioritizing the client's needs above all else.

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Your back up plan

Acquiring a second citizenship or residency through investment assist individuals and families in safeguarding their personal and business freedom.

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Your property

A complete range of services and solutions for individuals seeking to invest international property markets.

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About Us

The Investors Assets

Investors Assets, an integral component of a prominent global financial services firm, backed by 25 years heritage in delivering an exceptional experience for approximately 20,000 clients.

With our presence in 8 international offices and a dedicated team of over 450 professionals, we deliver comprehensive solutions covering wealth management, international property, citizenship by investment, insurance, tax planning, and various other areas of expertise.

As a British family-owned and operated enterprise, we take great pride in adopting a holistic approach to address the diverse global requirements of our valued clients.

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Visa-Free Travel

Acquiring a secondary passport from a European, Caribbean, or Oceanic nation opens doors to visa-free exploration of over 180 countries worldwide.

Business Opportunities

Securing a Second Passport or Golden Visa enhances your international business reach, simplifies travel, and empowers you to focus on global goals.

Save Time

A Second Citizenship or Investor Visa simplifies visa processes and travel challenges, granting seamless access to diverse destinations.

Back-up Plan

Having a contingency plan is wise. Acquiring second citizenship or residency through investment offers you and your family the freedom to travel spontaneously.

Tax Benefits

Investment-based citizenship programs in tax-friendly jurisdictions offer tax savings on income, net worth, inheritance, and capital gains.


Obtaining a European second passport unlocks abundant opportunities for you and your family, enabling you to reside, work, and study in renowned global institutions.



6% Average rental yield

Our portfolio includes various developments that yield excellent returns on your investment.

30% Projected capital growth

Our projects are strategically situated in regions experiencing significant economic growth.

Superior fully-managed service

Upon providing the required deposit, we will assume full responsibility for the remaining aspects of the process.

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