The EB5 Program

What is EB5?

The EB 5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program (“EB 5 Visa Program”) is a residency by investment program that offers a direct path to U S permanent residency (i.e. a Green Card) for the investor, their spouse and minor aged children

The EB 5 Regional Center program has proven wildly popular over the last 15 years, attracting tens of thousands of Green Card investors

The EB 5 Regional Center Program was revised on March 15 2022 and offers improvements for investors that are likely to make it more attractive than ever

Why EB5?

  • Ability to live and work in the USA
  • The U.S. is the world’s largest economy by GDP and the U.S. dollar is by far the most traded currency globally
  • The U.S. has the best education & healthcare systems in the world
  • Once becoming a U.S. resident, investors can get public education for free and also have a higher chance of attending an IVY league school. For a family of 3 kids, the investor could save upwards of $470,000 by obtaining an EB 5 visa
  • New immigrants gain access to U.S. business opportunities
  • There is no language requirement
  • More certainty in the legislation. Currently the law is valid until 2027
  • Investment is an approximately 5 years and is PAID BACK after the end of the loan term

EB-5 Attractive Features

  • Can include spouse & unmarried children under age 21
  • Does not require U.S. employer sponsorship
  • Anyone can apply
  • No waiting list for new investors: access to reserved visa system
  • Faster Processing, around 12 months
  • Simultaneous filing of EB
  • Petition with I 485 Adjustment of Status For persons in the U.S. lawfully, can file EB 5 I 526E with I 485 AOS and receive a work permit in 3 months
  • More supervision of Regional Centers by USCIS: better investor protection EB

EB-5 Visa Key Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: US $800,000 in rural areas and high unemployment areas
  • Lawful Source of Funds: The money invested must have a lawful, traceable origin
  • Job Creation: Each EB 5 investment must generate at least ten (10) new full-time jobs
  • Investment at Risk: The investor’s investment must be at risk
  • Must Invest in a U.S. New Commercial Enterprise: The investor’s capital is invested in a private company sponsored by the Regional Center

EB-5 Visa Program Process


Step 1

Fill out forms with regional center & hire an immigration lawyer to prepare source of funds documents

Step 2

Immigration lawyer files form 1-526e and if living in usa, form I-485 adjustment of status

Step 3

6 months to 1 year uscis approval
2-year conditional green card issued for investor & family

Step 4

Immigration lawyer files 1-829 removal of conditions 90 days prior to expiration of 2-year green card

Step 5

2 years uscis 1-829 approval
Investor obtains unconditional green card status

Step 6

Investor & family eligible to file for U.S. citizenship after applicable U.S. Residency

Step 7

After requirements have been satisfied, the investor should anticipate repayment of their investment